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Pabx Medan,Download manual,telepon
Pabx Medan,Download manual,telepon
The new IP-PBX model, KX-NS300 with built-in ACD and in-Skin Voice mail and UC. With IP penetration gaining a foothold in 2-100 extension segment, the solution helps Panasonic ride the bandwagon. With this IP-PBX model designed for the SOHO and SMBs. The new IP PBX with inbuilt ACD provides basic call center function to host a helpdesk. IP Hybrid IP Pbx in A Box 16 to 130 Extensions [Panasonic NS 300 IP Hybrid Pbx] - Basic Configuration - 6 CO, 2 DPT, 16 SLT - 2 Free Slots for Extension & 2 Free Slots For Trunk and Door Phone - Optional Life Time Activation For IP / 2 Way Recording / VM / Value Applciaions - Supports All Old Analog PT and Old And New PT (KX-T 77/74/75/76/ DT 3/5 /NT 265 / 3XX / 5XX / UTXX) - IP Phone or Sip Phone Can be Installed in Remote Office With Out Pbx - Automatic 2 Way Recording on Extensions For IN/Out Call Conversations and Ext to Ext Conversation, Email Alert on Voice Mail With Out Email Server and Schedules Message Back Up to NAS (Activation Key Needed) Scalable Configuration on Incoming - 38 Analog CO or 4 PRI/E1 with 6 Analog CO Scalable Configuration on Extensions - 128 Slt With 2 D.Pt or 64 Slt With 66 D.Pt - Trunk IP - 16 - SIP Ext - 32 (Supports All SIP Hardware and Soft Phone For Laptop / Ipad / Iphone & Android) - H.323 - 16

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